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City Of Ruin

 City of Ruin(COR) is a project that utilizes today's technology to create a world that blurs the line between retro and next gen games. There is no release date, excepts when its fun. he game stars the mai character, Woodpecker, a soldier who was accidentally entered into an elite group of soldiers who are deployed to a zombie infested city. the game features 23 weapons, "15 mutations" , and a 5-hour campaign filled with laughs, cries, fridge horror, nightmare fuel, and various other general Xeon Box things.


No pictures, 'cuz screw the system! 

 HALL OF BOSS BATTLES is based around the idea that bosses, are freaking cool (If done right.), they can be big, small, gigantic, bulky, otaku, presidential, happy, gloomy, ect.! Bosses are fun. So what if, there was a game about them? Okay, another game? 

This project, is about a man who wields the demon blade, Muramasa, and uses it so he can smite the occupants of a mighty tower called The Hall. Did i mention you also have a demon that comes out of your back and kills yours foes in one hit?