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You approach Suspicious Construction worker! 

"Sorry brah, this page is under construction."

 You attack Suspicious Construction Worker! Good job, hero!

Suspicious Construction Worker runs away!

"He's in the page! I swear, please!"

You let him live!

You enter the page!

You approach Hostile Bouncer!

Hostile Bouncer uses DEATH STARE!

You use SHOTGUN!

Its super effective! 

Hostile Bouncer has been defeated!

You get $50!

Hostile Bouncer speaks!

"He's through that door*koff*...Good luck..."

You approach Mysterious Man!

"I created his page, so what makes you think you can beat me?"

You use PUNCH!

Ian blocks PUNCH!

Ian uses RULE 63!

You feel embarrassed! Your speed went down!

Ian gets extra turn!

Ian uses KATANNA!

Its really really effective!


Its not very effective...

Ian uses TRUTH

"Okay, you'll screwed if we keep going, 'cuz I'm over-powered. So, let's just drink some Chamomile Tea, eh, glitch?"